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Smart Electronic Spoon

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Measuring ingredients for your pet sometimes can be very exhausting. It's hard to find the right ratio for dog food, meat, vegetables, rice, and many more ingredients for your pet. With this food measure spoon, you can arrange a balanced diet for your lovely pet



🐾 High Accuracy: This food measuring cup has about 250ml capacity, and the error value is within 5g; This Allows you to conveniently and accurately measure the pet food and water


🐾 Five Measuring Units: Includes g/ml/cup/fl.oz/oz, can switch the measuring unit by simply pressing the UNIT button, extremely meets your various needs


🐾 Detachable Digital Scoop: Align the metal plate of the handle with the fixed slot, simple to install and remove; Available to disinfect or clean the scoop with hot water


🐾 High-Quality Material: Smart Electronic Spoon is made of high-quality material, which is non-toxic, sturdy, and durable in use


Customer reviews

A serious game changer.Three dogs means three times
the water on the floor and constantly mopping up after meal time… and in between times too. This water bowl is truly spill proof… even when one of them
‘tests the water’ by slapping a paw down on it. It is sturdy, easy to clean and the large capacity means refilling isn’t a full time job. 

Replaced a water bowl that had the gallon jug attached - the dogs slopped water all over constantly with that one - this has been a game changer. Was skeptical at first about them being able to use it and
all, but it stays in place, they can't drag it like the old one, and they don't slop water!

After trying everything I thought I would give this a try. It is amazing! I sometimes have up to 5 dogs in my home. No more wet puddles on my wood kitchen floors. I have recommended to all my friends.

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