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Bowl For Fast Eating Dogs

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Every meal will turn now into a dog's healthy and happy games. With the food being placed in the maze-like sections of the bowl, your pet will eat slower and his meals will take longer to consume. This helps prevent choking and after-meal bloating due to the improved digestion that is promoted by eating at a healthy pace.


🐾   Slow Eating and Anti-Chocking:  It can hold 1-2 cups of dog food, also depending on the size of the dog food. This slow-feeder bowl can effectively slow down their eating speed to prevent choking, obesity, and indigestion. Guiding your pets to form a slow-eating diet.

🐾  Bone Pattern Design: Bone patterns in the bowl are exquisitely designed and deeper, which can extend the pet's eating time, increasing the interaction and fun of the pet's eating process.

🐾  Non-Slide Design: There are 6 non-slide mats at the bottom of the bowl to effectively reduce the slippage and damage to the floor when pets eat. The widened base prevents the bowl from being overturned by pets.

🐾  Easy to Use and Clean: The dog slows feeder is very easy to use and clean, can be rinsed with water or placed in the dishwasher, and doesn't require you much time and effort.

Customer reviews

A serious game changer.Three dogs means three times
the water on the floor and constantly mopping up after meal time… and in between times too. This water bowl is truly spill proof… even when one of them
‘tests the water’ by slapping a paw down on it. It is sturdy, easy to clean and the large capacity means refilling isn’t a full time job. 

Replaced a water bowl that had the gallon jug attached - the dogs slopped water all over constantly with that one - this has been a game changer. Was skeptical at first about them being able to use it and
all, but it stays in place, they can't drag it like the old one, and they don't slop water!

After trying everything I thought I would give this a try. It is amazing! I sometimes have up to 5 dogs in my home. No more wet puddles on my wood kitchen floors. I have recommended to all my friends.

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