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Easy Paw Cleaning Cup

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Our cleaner cup is perfect for active dogs. It easily cleans mud, ice, sand, dirt and harmful chemicals, and bacteria off dogs' paws, even between the toes, making your pet more healthy and keeping your house cleaner.
It has soft silicone teeth and doesn't harm your pet. You don't need to take showers after outdoor activities. And it is easy to use and clean.

🐾 NEW DESIGN If you don't want your pet to dirty the floor, bed, and furniture every time you go home, take out the pet cleaning cup and add the right amount of water when your pet goes home, then put the pet's paw in the, gently rotate the cup for 30 seconds to clean, and at the same time, we distribute a towel in each cup. After washing, wipe the paws with a towel to keep them dry.

🐾 EXCELLENT CLEANING ABILITY The silicone brush of this pet paw washing cup can rotate 360° to clean dead spots. The silicone brush at the bottom can better clean the bottom of the claw, and the design of the bifurcated brush head can better enter between the toes for cleaning. More efficient and cleaner.

🐾 SKIN-FRIENDLY SILICONE MATERIAL This pet paw wash cup is made of the same skin-friendly silicone material as the face wash, which not only fits the paws better, cleans dirt, but also effectively protects pet paws and makes your pet more comfortable Great paw washing experience and cleaner paws.

🐾 PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL Paw cleaner for small and medium-sized dogs. Perfect for home use or outdoor use, to clean your dog's paws before going home or in the car. Stylish and super easy to use, the portable dog paw cleaner is every pet owner's first choice. If you or your friends have a small or medium-sized dog in the house. This dog paw cleaner is the perfect gift for all pet lovers.



1. Easy to use and carry, The dog paw cleaner's advantages are very easier to disassemble and install than other cup cleaners and will not tip over the soft cup, which makes it easier to use.
2. Completely safe and painless, The dog paw washer uses environmentally-friendly silicone bristles, soft and elastic.
3. Dog foot washer cup perfect for Dog parents who are sick of muddy floors.


Material: Silicone
No. S Product weight: 0.91kg
No. M Product weight: 0.91kg
No. L Product weight: 0.6kg
Size: 9x13.7x9cm

Packing Content:

Silicone foot washing cup*1

Customer reviews

A serious game changer.Three dogs means three times
the water on the floor and constantly mopping up after meal time… and in between times too. This water bowl is truly spill proof… even when one of them
‘tests the water’ by slapping a paw down on it. It is sturdy, easy to clean and the large capacity means refilling isn’t a full time job. 

Replaced a water bowl that had the gallon jug attached - the dogs slopped water all over constantly with that one - this has been a game changer. Was skeptical at first about them being able to use it and
all, but it stays in place, they can't drag it like the old one, and they don't slop water!

After trying everything I thought I would give this a try. It is amazing! I sometimes have up to 5 dogs in my home. No more wet puddles on my wood kitchen floors. I have recommended to all my friends.

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