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2 in 1 Hands Free Leash

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2 in 1 leash is perfect for your pet and you. Not only is it now easier for you to walk with your furry friend, but you can also put the leash around your hand. A special buckle system allows you to easily and quickly hook the leash around the pole of the bench or in the place intended for pets without fear that it will untie.


🐾 Hands-Free Dog leash: Press one button to lock and unlock. If you need, you just tie it on your wrist or shoulder quickly. you also simply lock it on something fixed, when you need the body free. The leashes will make it easier to take your dog for running and walking. And you'll have fun when you do social activities with your puppy.

🐾  Chew Proof Leash: The nylon rope is durable and practical. The elasticized leash is sort of a flat bungee material, that's strong enough for your puppy and medium dog. The anti-slip handle is based on an ergonomic design and the suitable size makes you comfortable.


Customer reviews

A serious game changer.Three dogs means three times
the water on the floor and constantly mopping up after meal time… and in between times too. This water bowl is truly spill proof… even when one of them
‘tests the water’ by slapping a paw down on it. It is sturdy, easy to clean and the large capacity means refilling isn’t a full time job. 

Replaced a water bowl that had the gallon jug attached - the dogs slopped water all over constantly with that one - this has been a game changer. Was skeptical at first about them being able to use it and
all, but it stays in place, they can't drag it like the old one, and they don't slop water!

After trying everything I thought I would give this a try. It is amazing! I sometimes have up to 5 dogs in my home. No more wet puddles on my wood kitchen floors. I have recommended to all my friends.

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